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Maricopa County – Extreme Sized Skeleton



The Remains of a Giant Found in the Ruins South of Town.

The ruins a few miles south of Tempe have been the source of much pleasure to those interested in such things in times gone by, and a great many interesting and curious relics have been found there. But for the past few years, but little has been done as it was thought that nearly everything had been dug up that was of value. But recently June Roseberry and Leonard Cut-by, who live near there, have been putting in their spare moments on one of the large ruins on the Peach Place, and their efforts have not been altogether in vain. Tuesday they came upon the remains of a huge skeleton in perfect condition. The peculiar part of it was its extreme size. The skull, in particular, was much larger than that of the ordinary man. There was a perfect set of teeth, and the rest of the bones were likewise. A great many skeletons have been found in that vicinity, but none have ever equaled this one. The parties are still working on the ruin and are in hopes of finding more relics.

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