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Marathon County – Gigantic Race


Relics of a gigantic race of men long long since extinct, have recently been found in the premises of D. B. Wylie, of this city. It will be remembered that this property was formerly owned by H. H. Lawrence, of this city, who in improving the same, dug out and removed a large amount of human bones. The further leveling of this mound by Dr. Way lie has brought to light the remains of men evidently buried in a standing posture, as well as fragments of black flint used on making arrows.— Waxisan Pilot.​

The eyewitness accounts of the discovery of relics of a gigantic race of men found on the premises of D. B. Wylie are intriguing and warrant further investigation. It is important to approach such discoveries with an open-minded stance to advance scientific knowledge. We must conduct further research to fully understand the significance of these remains and their potential impact on our understanding of human history.

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