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Aborigine Ax

Speaking of the Wyoming Massacre reminds me that as large stone ax, evidently of Indian manufacture, was found on a farm near here on the 9th instant. It is 11 inches long, 4 inches broad, and 2 inches thick, and has quite a sharp edge. It was probably used for skinning dear and other animals by the aborigines.
The Wyoming Massacre was an encounter during the American Revolutionary War between American Patriots and Loyalists accompanied by Iroquois raiders which took place in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania on July 3, 1778, in Exeter and Wyoming, Pennsylvania.

When anything is too large its purpose get repurposed.
A large arrow is a spear, a large spear is a knife, a large knife gets classified as a sword and any large item of which is obviously giant is ceremonial. Axes get repurposed as gardening tools if they are too large. This is just the ad hoc shell game they play.

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