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Kern County – 7 Feet 5 and a Half Inches

REMAIN OP A GIANT. Tho following from Solomon W. Jewctt, dated Rio Brave Ranch, Kern County, California, May 2nd, appeared in the San Francisco Bulletin: The traces of a giant have recently been discovered in ihe town of Bakers-field, Bakers-field, sixteen miles below here, on the old banks of the Kern River. The sexton employed to sink s grave found a large skeleton about four feet from the surface, the head pointing cast, aud with the bones he struck a package of eleven largo arrow-heads and spear heads, wrought from flint of various colors: they were nicely covered cov-ered with a waxy substance and opened unboiled, not wasted by time. The bones of what was left of hu-niauity hu-niauity were quite perfect when first exhumed, and wero found to measure from crown to heel seven feet five and a half inches in length. The skullwas much larger than the ordinary size of craniums moving around at tho present pres-ent day. A full growu person placed his head inside of the skull. No ap- j plication was made to preserve the skeleton; on exposure, it soon crumbled crum-bled into dust. Other curious relics wee found, which I have in my possession.

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