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Kane County – Seven Foot Skeleton


The supposed remains of an Indian chief are unearthed at Elgin, Illinois.

While excavating at the Elgin, Aurora & Southern Traction company’s gravel pit on Bluff City boulevard, Elgin, Illinois, an employee of the street railway company unearthed a human skeleton seven feet long, supposed to be that of an Indian chief. This is concluded from a number of clam and turtle shells and other relics found with the skeleton. Human remains were unearthed on the brow of the hill. Little by little, the find was taken from its resting place in almost perfect condition and transferred intact to the streetcar barns where it is now on exhibition.

Truth More Awful Than Fiction

The ingenious Mr. Zola has written many stories dealing with the secret life sometimes led by eminent respectability, but he never has portrayed anything more strange and shocking than the spectacle of a man of advanced years, a man of eminence, the inheritor of a great name, the recipient of trust and honor at the hands of his country, slain in a low saloon quarrel over a woman. Imagination, says the Chicago Chronicle, never has been able to rival the queer turn of fact.

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