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Idaho County – Prehistoric Giants


PREHISTORIC GIANTS Thirteen Ghastly Skeletons Found in a Small Village.


Discovered by P. L. Bowerman of Tennessee, while excavating for a cellar under the Hotel de Moonshine at Waneta one day last week, thirteen prehistoric Indian skeletons with their trappings have been dug out of the sandbank. Mr. Bowerman, the proprietor of the institution with the romantic name, is confident that his find is worth as much as a gold mine.

“The vein is fifty feet wide,” a friend of his said facetiously, “and runs well in skulls and bones, besides the quaint and curious weapons of a forgotten age.”

Many years have passed since a large race of prehistoric giants inhabited this part of the world. These skeletons, well preserved and complete, are believed to belong to that race. One of them is of remarkable size, indicating that it must have been a man of great physical power. The skeletons are a testimony to the history of our nation that dates back far beyond the redskin’s occupancy.

The quaint and curious weapons are of great interest to scientists and geologists, who say that the Western country was the scene of a great volcanic disturbance at one time, and that great streams of lava overflowed the now fertile plains of this state, forming caves and great natural basins. It is possible that this prehistoric graveyard is a representative of a lost race that was caught by the lava flows and sealed up in the sandbank where they were found.

This discovery has aroused great interest in scientific circles, and many people are visiting the site where these skeletons were unearthed.

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