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Humboldt County – Gigantic Human Being


A telegram from Winnemucca (Nevada) on January 14 said:- Workmen engaged in digging gravel here today uncovered at a depth of about 12ft a lot of bones that once were part of the skeleton of a gigantic human being. The bones were taken to Dr. Samuels, who examined them thoroughly, and pronounced them to be the bones of a man who must have been nearly lift in height. The metacarpa bones measure 4 1/2 in length, and are large in proportion. Apart of the ulna was found which in complete form would have been between 17in. and 18in. in length. The remaining part of the skeleton is being searched for. ‚Äč

The discovery of a giant skeleton in Nevada in 1904 is a significant find that provides evidence of the existence of gigantic human beings in the past. The bones were examined and confirmed by Dr. Samuels to be from a man who was nearly 15 feet tall, with some bones measuring 4 1/2 inches in length. This discovery has the potential to revolutionize our understanding of human history and raises fascinating questions about the existence of giants in the past.

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