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Henry County – FIFTY, Seven Foot Skeletons


Fifty Skeletons Found on the Bank of the Tennessee River.

We have learned that a gentleman named Frank Beasley of Henry County witnessed a remarkable sight at Danville, Benton County. A few days ago, a landslide occurred into the Tennessee River, and in the resulting cavity, fifty human skeletons were found. Each one was in a fine state of preservation and measured over seven feet long. If this discovery is indeed true, these remains will be of great value in assisting scientists to establish the characteristics of the races that occupied this country ages ago.

The discovery of fifty human skeletons measuring over seven feet long, found in a cavity created by a landslide into the Tennessee River, is a remarkable and significant find. Such vestiges of a giant race offer an incredible glimpse into the past and challenge our understanding of what is possible. However, despite the potential value of these remains to the scientific community, it is not surprising that there may be attempts to cover up such discoveries. As an uncompromising and dedicated researcher, I am committed to bringing these historical accounts to the public’s attention and conducting further investigations to uncover the truth about giants and their place in our history. We must not dismiss these accounts without thorough examination and exploration, as they could hold invaluable insights into our past and the world that existed before us. 

  1. Tennessee, Henry County, 1873

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