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Hampshire County – SKELETON OF A GIANT


“There has been a great deal of excitement here for several days over the discovery of Indian relics and remains by Warren K. Moorehead, of the Smithsonian Institution… Eleven skeletons were found in a space of 20 feet, one of the most have been the skeleton of a giant, as the lower jawbone was almost twice the ordinary size. The femur was 2 inches larger than a six foot man.”

Attention all those interested in history and science! We need to act fast to preserve and study the ancient remains of giants that have been found in our country. As a dedicated researcher, I have been studying accounts of giant human skeletons from various newspapers and journals dating back to the 1840s. One such discovery, reported in The Baltimore Sun in 1889, was made by Warren K. Moorehead of the Smithsonian Institution in West Virginia. He found 11 skeletons, one of which was a giant with a jawbone almost twice the size of an ordinary human’s.

It is imperative that we preserve such findings for scientific study. The importance of these skeletons cannot be overstated. They provide valuable insights into the history of our world and challenge our understanding of human history. The mishandling and loss of such finds is unacceptable and has already resulted in a significant loss of information. It is time to take action and demand that these remains be carefully preserved and studied.

I urge all of you to join me in this call for preservation and research. We cannot afford to lose any more of these valuable pieces of history. Let us work together to ensure that future generations can learn from these discoveries and continue to expand our understanding of the world around us.

  1. The Baltimore Sun, Jan 23, 1889, Romney, West Virginia.

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