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Gray’s Harbor County – Exceptionally Large Size


Human Skulls, and Supposed Pre
historic Animals Found.
C. W. Bcehlcr. xxho owns a large farm
near Montenano, Mo, his made xxhat he
considers Important geological dlscoxerles
upon his land. Sexeral months ago. while
tanking a xxell. he came upon a skull, re
markably well preserxed arf to shape, and
of excel, tlonally large size. This dlscoverx
aroused Mr. Beehler’s Interest, and he has
since prospected extensix elx-.
His efforts have met with great success.
Among his late discoveries are three large
skulls, rumerous human bones and the re
mains of a number of prehistoric animals.
The specimens are not petrified, but are
hardened In a peculiar manner bj the soil,
which contains considerable sulphur and
lime. The discoveries are attracting the at
tention of scientists all oxer the country.
In no other portion of the country has ex
actly tho same xarlet. of FOlidlfic.tlon been

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