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Glynn County – 8 and Nearly Nine Feet Tall

Brunswick Times:

The oldest inhabitants well recollect, and some of them played upon, an Indian burial mound north of Brunswick. Its elevation was six feet from the surface, and in the center grew a large oak 3 1/2 feet in diameter and on one side a pine one-half the size. The spot was a lonely one, and thousands of guesses have been made as to the contents of this knoll. It is now known what it contained. It contained the badly decayed remains of five humans, supposed to have been Indians. These bones were found standing erect showing that the bodies have been placed upright, about them was a large circle of water shells and inside those shells and next to the bones was a heavy layer of charcoal. This the ancients used as a preserver, and well did it serve this purpose, as the large trees that had grown upon the mound showed that it had been hundreds of years, and still some of the bones were solid, while others crumbled when they came into contact with the air. There was pottery in the mound. It shows very severe service, being badly burned. Pieces of this, with some charcoal, are at the Times, office. But the most wonderful part of the story is to come. The mound contained one frame of a human who must have been a very near relative to old Goliath. This being was indeed a giant, such as is never seen these days. A measurement of the bones show that shows that this human was more than eight and nearly nine feet tall and heavily built in proportion. Down a leg bone of this monster had grown a huge root of a tree and in the roomy skull was a peck of sand. The jaw bones of this skeleton are in very good condition, and are now on exhibit.

  1. Georgia, Glynn County, The Morning News, 1892. 

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