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Gloucester county – Unusually Large Size

Discovery of Human Bones.

The people of Woodbury, NJ are greatly excited about the discovery of a large bed of human bones on a farm about one mile southeast of the town. The bed is several feet in thickness and two or three rods in extent, and the bones are lying within three feet of the surface.

The owner of the farm, before leaving for Philadelphia, gave instructions to his men to cart some earth from an adjoining field to cover a compost heap. On his return in the evening, he found to his surprise that the heap was partly covered with human bones. The neighbors were informed, and upon examination, it was found that this pile of bones were piled together promiscuously and are of an unusually large size.

The bottom of the bed is thickly covered with charcoal, and the lower tier of bones fall to pieces as soon as touched. Those on top are well-preserved and are little affected by the length of time buried. A committee of townspeople was appointed to take some specimens to the Professors of the Academy of Science of Philadelphia, and next week scientific examination will be made.

It is supposed that they are the bones of an Indian tribe, but so far, there are none of the Indian war relics found among the bones, which leaves some doubts on this point.

This discovery is of great importance to the study of human history and the understanding of the lives and practices of our ancestors. It is crucial to handle archaeological sites with care to preserve their integrity and the information they provide.

I applaud the people of Woodbury for their swift action in appointing a committee to take the specimens for scientific examination. Transparency and accessibility in scientific discoveries are essential to further our knowledge and understanding of the past.

We must ensure that this find is properly preserved and studied to gain the most valuable information possible. Mishandling or neglecting such finds can result in the loss of significant historical information.

Therefore, I urge the authorities and the community to take immediate action to ensure the proper handling and preservation of this incredible discovery for the benefit of current and future generations.

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