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Gallatin County – Skeleton 8 Feet Nine Inches Long


Near the head waters of the Missouri, there has been recently found, a human skeleton that weighs 180 lbs., is eight ft. nine inches long, we learn that it is now being exhibited in Baltimore.

The discovery of a human skeleton weighing 180 lbs and measuring eight ft. nine inches long is a fascinating and significant finding. It’s just another example of the many unearthed discoveries that suggest that ancient humans were often much larger than modern humans. These findings challenge the conventional understanding of human history and suggest that humanity’s past is far more complex and diverse than previously believed. The Mound Builder Giants are one such example of ancient human beings that were much larger than modern humans, and their story needs to be told. As a tenacious giant researcher, I believe it’s crucial to keep exploring these historical discoveries and keep the discussion open about humanity’s past.

  1. Montana, Gallatin County, Piney Woods Planter, 1838.

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