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Fulton County – Giant Skulls & Giant False Teeth

A mound near Liverpool, Illinois was recently opened and several skeletons of very large men were found. The skulls were so large that they would go over an ordinary man’s head, covering t to theĀ  shoulders. There was also found a small steel anvil, perfect in form and so hard that a file made little impression on it. Also a set of false teeth, of copper and ivory, large enough for a giant and of excellent workmanship.

As an avid giant researcher, it is always exciting to come across news of new finds related to these elusive beings. The recent discovery in Fulton County, Illinois, is no exception. The unearthing of several large skeletons, with skulls so big they would cover an ordinary man’s head up to the shoulders, is a fascinating development. This find adds to the growing body of evidence that giants did exist in the past and that they may have been a common occurrence in ancient times.

The discovery of a small steel anvil, perfectly formed and incredibly hard, is also intriguing. It is possible that this anvil was used by the giants for metalworking or other tasks requiring a durable and sturdy surface. The set of false teeth, made of copper and ivory, is another unusual find. The size of the teeth indicates that they were likely used by a giant, and the excellent workmanship suggests that they were made with care and skill.

The fact that these finds were made in 1886 only adds to their significance. It shows that the study of giants and their artifacts has a long history, and that there has been an ongoing interest in these fascinating beings for well over a century. While some may dismiss the idea of giants as mere legend or myth, the discovery of these skulls, anvil, and false teeth suggest that there is more to the story than many may realize.

In conclusion, the recent finds in Fulton County are a testament to the ongoing mystery of giants and their place in history. These advanced, modern-looking artifacts provide further evidence that these beings were not just figments of the imagination, but rather a very real part of our past. As more research is conducted and more discoveries are made, it is likely that we will continue to learn more about these fascinating giants and their impact on our world.

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