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Floyd County – Massively Strong Proportions

Strange Discoveries at Charles City Prof. Webster’s Examination of the Ancient Mounds. 

Charles City, Iowa, Sept. 15 — Iowa has long been noted as having been the home of some aboriginal race, but it is not until recently that definite traces of the now extinct race have been found. In an open and cultivated field near Charles City, mounds of peculiar structure have long been noticed, and Prof. Webster, a noted bog, made examination of the same, and some of his discoveries are attracting a great deal of attention from the scientific world. The skeletons, instead of being found on the original surface of the ground and the earth heaped over them, were found in the bottom of a trench about two feet deep and seven feet long. In were found a number of specimens of pottery, some of them showing considerable artistic ability. Some of them were ornamented with lime designs, the impressions evidently having been made.

  1. Iowa, Charles City, Sept, 15, 1888

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