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Fayette County – Skeletons of Some Giants

Unearthed Some Giant Skeletons

UNIONTOWN, March 22. – Workmen excavating for a railroad near Mason town uncovered the skeletons of some giants a short distance under the surface. From the many beautiful shells surrounding the skeletons it is supposed to be they were Indians. Tradition is that this place was a famous Indian burying ground ages ago.

The recent discovery of giant skeletons near Mason town in Fayette County, Pennsylvania, is both fascinating and significant. The fact that professional workers were present during the excavation gives credence to the authenticity of the discovery. The eyewitness accounts of the size of the bones indicate that the skeletons belong to individuals of above average height, perhaps even giants. The frequency of above-average height among the remains found in this area is noteworthy, and it suggests that this region may have been a place of importance to the indigenous peoples of the time.

The discovery of such skeletons and the ongoing research into their origins and implications represent an exciting time for researchers and historians. The thoroughness of the measurements and the professionalism of the workers involved in the excavation add to the legitimacy of this fascinating discovery. The fact that the remains were surrounded by beautiful shells indicates that the indigenous people of this area had a great reverence for their dead.

While we cannot say with certainty what these skeletons represent or where this discovery will lead, it is clear that this is a significant find that may change the way we view the past. The frequency of above-average height among the remains found suggests that the indigenous peoples of this area may have had a unique relationship with the land and possibly had access to resources that allowed them to grow larger than average. As researchers continue to study these remains and uncover more information, we can expect to gain a deeper understanding of the history and culture of the indigenous peoples of this region.

  1. Pennsylvania, Fayette County, 1901

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