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Elongated Illinois Skull

The giant image and an elongated skull was found, It was of ancient ‘Aztalans’ that occupied Illinois, USA.

The size of this skull is more larger than average. This skull has a large hole in the jaw, typical of elongated skulls. It seems to have a unique and well defined skull pattern. Also this skull seems to have the largest mastoid-process i have ever seen. The information on this skull is limited. Though you may be able to find more information in Ancient American Magazine or this book Crania Americana.

As a dedicated giant researcher, it is with great concern that I bring to your attention the discovery of an ancient Aztlans skull with an elongated shape, found in Illinois, USA. This unique and well-defined skull pattern has a large hole in the jaw, which is typical of elongated skulls. Its size is larger than the average skull, and it has the largest mastoid-process ever seen. This discovery could shed light on the ancient history of America and the possible existence of a giant race.

It is imperative that we preserve such findings for further research, as they could provide significant information on the mysteries of our past. Unfortunately, many discoveries like this have been mishandled, lost or suppressed by authorities. It is time we demand more transparency and openness to the public in the scientific community.

We urge all researchers and enthusiasts to join forces in preserving and studying these invaluable relics to uncover the truth about our past. Let us not allow these treasures to remain buried or forgotten, as they hold the key to unlock the secrets of our ancestors. It is our responsibility to protect and preserve these artifacts for future generations.

Chris L Lesley