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Cass County – Doctor Confirms 11 Feet High

A Prehistoric Giant. 

ELKHART, Ind., Sept. 27 – A dispatch from Cassopolis, Mich., says that on opening a mound near Diamond Lake Wednesday, a giant of a prehistoric race was unearthed. The bones of the skeleton are well preserved. The lower jaw is immense. An ordinary jawbone fits inside with ease. By measurement, the distance from the top of the skull to the upper end of the thigh bone is five feet five inches. A doctor who was present stated that the man must have been at least 11 feet high. The mound was partially covered by a pine stump three feet six inches in diameter, and the ground showed no signs of ever having been disturbed. An earthen tablet, upon which were various unintelligible characters, and other relics were found.

The discovery of a prehistoric giant near Diamond Lake in Cassopolis, Michigan, in 1894 is an intriguing chapter in the history of giant research. According to reports, the unearthed skeleton was of a prehistoric race and had an immense lower jaw. The distance between the top of the skull and the upper end of the thigh bone measured at five feet five inches, leading a doctor present at the scene to suggest the giant must have been at least 11 feet tall.

However, what is even more intriguing about this find is the alleged cover-up that followed. There are no records of the unearthed skeleton or any of the relics found with it. Some speculate that the Smithsonian Institution, which was known for suppressing evidence of giant skeletons, may have been involved in the cover-up.

This is not an isolated incident. There have been numerous reports of giant skeletons found throughout the world, but many of them have either been dismissed as hoaxes or have mysteriously vanished. It is possible that the discovery of these giant skeletons challenges the established beliefs about human history and evolution, leading some to suppress such discoveries in order to maintain the status quo.

Regardless of the reasons for the cover-up, the discovery of the prehistoric giant near Diamond Lake remains a fascinating mystery, leaving us to wonder what other evidence may have been lost to time. As researchers and historians continue to explore our past, we can only hope that such discoveries will be acknowledged and properly documented for future generations.

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