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Carson City – Gigantic Human Footprints


While Sister Maryland is making up her mind to exchange hanging for lethal gas, such as Nevada has introduced, you might take a neighborly interest in hearing a bit about the way that State treats her criminals, generally, from a Washington woman who spent a little time at her State Prison, some years ago.

This prison-like, the heavenly mansions of Scripture, was not made by hands. It was originally a mountain of volcanic stone and boiling water, which had been shaved at the top and quarried out and hewed around into one of the most impregnable strongholds inside of history or out. But a horseshoe of hope hangs over the entrance, which puts Nevada one over Dante!

In excavating under 40 feet of stone, a pick found a human bone that corresponded in size to gigantic footprints that track the vast inner court, at double the normal stride. They were made by a man 12 feet tall. The guard who was showing the woman through told her so, and he looked as if he knew.

Scientists from the Smithsonian Institution, again quoting the guard, explain that the stratum of petrified clay was once the bed of a stream, which you could see for yourself because of the claw prints of waterfowl.

The newspaper article describes an intriguing discovery made in Nevada. A human bone was found that corresponded to gigantic footprints that were tracked in the inner court of the state prison. The footprints were twice the normal stride and were made by a man who was 12 feet tall. The article quotes a guard who confidently relayed this information to a Washington woman who had visited the prison.

The article also describes the unique history of the prison itself, which was originally a mountain of volcanic stone and boiling water that had been quarried out and hewed into one of the most impregnable strongholds in history. Despite its formidable appearance, the prison still offered a “horseshoe of hope” at its entrance, giving hope to the prisoners inside.

The discovery of a bone belonging to a 12-foot-tall man is an incredible find that could shed light on the existence of giants in ancient times. Preserving such a skeleton would allow for further study and analysis, providing insights into the physical characteristics and possible lifestyle of these ancient giants. Additionally, it could contribute to our understanding of prehistoric animal and human migration patterns, and the geological changes that have taken place over time. Overall, the discovery of such a skeleton would be a significant contribution to the field of paleontology and could inspire further research into the fascinating world of ancient giants.

1. Nevada, Carson City, Nevada, 1929

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