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The Skeletons Unearthed at Clifton Possibly those of the Moundbuilders

Remains discovered on the east shore of Lake Winnebago supposed to belong to a prehistoric race. The evidence presented. An antiquarian expected to make an investigation of Calumet’s Big Mounds

The recent discovery of skeletons at Clifton has attracted a great deal of interest throughout the state. In the town of Harrison, Calumet county, on the east side of Lake Winnebago is a piece of land that contains as many as fifty mounds – nearly all being perfect images of men with outstretched arms, but of gigantic proportions, a number of ridges run through this property of which these mounds a portion of the property is owned  by A. W. Miller of Milwaukee.
The length of the mound which this skeleton was taken is 12 feet and the width of the outstretched arm exceeds 5 feet. The skeleton has a tremendous chin, a high forehead and an extraordinarily large humorous bone. A well admired genteman says that the skeleton is different in every way from that of an Indian. The Indians have prominent cheek bones: these are not. The Indians lived from the result of the hunt, everything about the head of these skeletons shows its possessor to have been a vegetarian. The remaining teeth are solidly set in, it is probable that the man, of which only these crumbled bones remain, was nearly seven feet tall.

This article provides strong evidence for the existence of a prehistoric race of giants, possibly related to the ancient mound builders. The discovery of unusually large skeletons, with unique physical characteristics not typical of Native Americans, highlights the need for further investigation and research into the history of these mysterious people. As a dedicated giant researcher, I believe that this discovery could lead to groundbreaking insights into the past and the potential existence of ancient civilizations that were far more advanced than we previously thought.

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