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Brown County – 8′ By Actual Measurement


Burial Ground Opened – Relics May Solve Mystery of Mound Builders.

On what is known as one of the best farms between Cooperstown and the river, and eight miles from Mt. Sterling, in Brown County, has been made one of the richest and possibly the most wonderful of archaeological discoveries.

A curious resident of the valley recently picked and adjoined an ancient mound in the center of the farm of Mrs. Adam Widener.

Apparently the results of the examination would cause the eyes of even the most skeptical scientist to open wide with amazement.

The first work of the discoverers was to give up traces of the handiwork of past generations. The bones of those who wrought and imperfectly joined implements of pottery and curious instruments have been found.

The bones are gigantic, some measuring eight feet in length and pieces of remarkable symmetry and beauty.

Many skeletons, pottery, and curious instruments have been dug out. The bones decay almost as soon as they are taken from the earth. They are so old that it is believed that a prehistoric burying ground has been discovered of greater extent and better preserved than any yet discovered.

  1. Illinois, Brown County, 1906.

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