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Bartow County – 7 Feet 2 Inches


0 I A RACE OF GUSTS Ji B Toomer has received a letter from Mr Hazelton who Is en a visit to Gartersville The letter contained con-tained several beads made of bone and gave an interesting account of the opening of a Jarge Indian mound near be town by a committee ft scientists teut out from the Smith eonicn Institute After removing the dirt for some distance a layer of flagsones was found which had evidently been drfsa d by band and showed that the men who had quarried quar-ried this reck understood their bus ness These stones were r moved when in a kind of vault beneath them the skeleton of a gIant that measured sevtn feet two inches WEB found Hia hair was coarse and jt black aDd hung to tho waist the brew being ornamented with a copper cop-per crown TLe skeleton wa remark re-mark = b y well preserved end taken from tie VAult intact Near this fkeletcn were found the bodies of several children of various szes The remans or tho latter were covered with beads made of bone of some kind Upon removing these the bodies were found to be nclosed in a network of straw or eeda ar d beneath this wan B covering cover-ing of the skin of the animal In fact the bodies had been prepared somewhat after the manner of mummies and will doubtless throw new life on the history of a people who reared these mounds Upon the stones that covered the vault were carved inscription which if dEciphered de-ciphered will probably lift the veil that has enshrouded the history of the race of giants that undoubtedly at one time inhabited this continent Athens Ga BannerWatchman

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