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Banks of the Yadkin – Large and Well-formed


The Prehistoric Mounds. Little additional news has come from the discoveries in prehistoric mounds recently alleged to have been made on the banks of the Yadkin, in North Carolina. Yet these discoveries, if genuine, hardly deserve to be dismissed so quickly. Not to speak of pipes, stone axes, and pottery cups unearthed, a mound in the county is reported to have yielded fifty-six skeletons, while another has yielded no less than 150. Some of them are spoken of as large and well-formed. A hundred and fifty skeletons are to be picked up every day. Nor can it be reasonably supposed that Caldwell “salted” skeletons to excite curiosity of the Smithsonian. Let time, therefore, bear about this remarkable North Carolina skeleton; otherwise, it must be classified in popular imagination with the Texas petrified man.

  1. North Carolina, Banks of the Yadkin, 1883

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