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Alexandria – 7 Foot Skeleton


WASHINGTON, Aug. 27 – In making some repairs on the heavy stone foundation of the old Carlisle house at Alexandria, Virginia, workmen broke into a small secret chamber in the masonry, long since forgotten, and found in it the petrified body of a man. It is believed to have been a giant Indian, nearly seven feet tall. Many people visited the cellar of the old structure and positively pronounced the find genuine.

The house was built in 1732, but the foundation, according to tradition, was laid in 1659. During the revolution it was one of the most famous hotels on the continent. Washington often stopped there and he and Braddock made it their last headquarters before setting out on the Fort Duquesne expedition in the French and Indian war.

The recent discovery of a 7-foot skeleton in a secret chamber at the old Carlisle house in Alexandria, Virginia is a remarkable find. It is believed to be the remains of a giant Indian, and the discovery of such a specimen could be incredibly valuable for science and anthropology.

Preserving and studying the remains of ancient civilizations is of utmost importance. These finds offer invaluable insights into the lives of our ancestors, and provide us with clues about their customs, habits, and way of life. The discovery of a skeleton like this is a rare opportunity to learn more about the people who lived in that area centuries ago, and could shed light on their history and culture.

However, all too often, important discoveries like this are mishandled or lost. We cannot afford to let that happen with this incredible find. It is crucial that we preserve the skeleton properly and conduct thorough research to uncover as much information as possible.

I urge all of us to appreciate the significance of this discovery and advocate for its proper preservation and study. We owe it to ourselves and to future generations to safeguard the remains of our ancestors and use them to better understand our history and our place in the world. Let us not allow this opportunity to slip through our fingers, and instead make every effort to ensure that this skeleton is given the attention and respect it deserves.

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