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8 and 7 feet tall at least. Carthage, Illinois

8 & 7 feet. Cyrus Felt was a farmer that lived NE of Carthage, during a university investigation from Carthage College 4 professors from that college opened what was known as the Sweeney burial mound. On a Wednesday Sept 4th Professor Hall, professor Ohara, professor Dysanger and professor Segler removed a red-limestone cap-stone. Below the capstone were crushed pottery and pieces of flint and a massive amount of skeletons. 8 and 7 feet.

It is estimated that about 500 corpses were buried here, a race of people, a village wiped out by war or disease. 8 and 7 feet.

Some of the skulls were measured and some were 7 3/4 across the parietal bone, which is much larger than average. When other bones were measured it was calculated that some of the skeletons may have been over 8 feet tall. Many of the skeletons measured 7 and 8 feet in length. Many of the bones were disarticuated so it was difficult to match the bones of any one individual. 8 and 7 feet.

The skeletons exhibited perfect teeth, it seems that they had knowledge of dental health, and also exhibited perfect rows of teeth. Near the bottom of the pile full skeletons were stacked as if they had fallen in battle, and during this battle they were piled and buried under the mound What this shows is that the conquering party had knowledge of proper disposal, waste removal, and a basic understanding of disease control. As in many cases with skeletons buried in mounds the skeletons crumbled when exposed to air.

As container after container were exhumed from the mound one of the most peculiar things about the skulls is that they were filled with a black loam, that was different from the soil around this site. What was the purpose? Was it part of their disease control methods? Could it be that they knew future generations would dig them up and look to animate tissue samples from the brain material, that in this case was mysteriously substituted.


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